Haven’t Forgot about it

It’s been a while since the last update to Behavior Status, but I haven’t forgot about it. I’be been working on a new tablet interface. The first version I built, was certainly not the best design, so I decided to start over and build a new one. Here is a first pass view of the home screen on tablet after selecting a child.


I’m hopeful that I will be able to turn around and get the tablet version out there soon. Granted it is just one guy and I do have a day job, but I do have big plans for the app. I’ve been looking at a version for iOS as well as adding syncing capabilities with the online version. Anyways, it’s movingly forward and hope to have it ready soon.

Top 10 ADHD Apps of 2012 by HealthLine

This afternoon, I was informed about Behavior Status being named as one of the HealthLines’s Top 10 ADHD apps for 2012.  Here is the link to the list of top ADHD apps for 2012.  This is the first year the app has been named to the list.  Not to mention its in with very good good company including Evernote, Dragon Dictation and Remember the Milk.


I wanted to go ahead and pass along the news and also give you an update on what’s on the horizon for Behavior Status.  Its been quite a while since the last update and unfortunately, its been long over due to implement support for Tablets and larger screens.  As such the UI for Behavior Status is going to undergo a major refresh, including the following:

  • Tablet Support
    • Better use of screen real estate thought a 2 Column Layout
    • Still under development …
  • General Features
    • Android 4.0 Interface
    • New Look for Phones
    • Higher Resolution Graphics
    • Move to SD Card support
    • Better Export Capabilities
Anyways, I could continue listing features and planned features, but the app is still under development …  I’ll put up images of the new user interface in the next couple weeks.

Behavior Status Online Updates

It came to my attention recently that Behavior Status Online had a registration issue which prevented quite a few of you from obtaining an account.  I appologize for the inconvenience for those of you who tried out the site.  Please try to register again on the site ….

I also made a few other minor improvements in preparing to get the site ready for integration with the Mobile app.

Behavior Status Online Beta

Hello Beta Testers!
I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that Behavior Status Online is ready for beta testing. At this point the site is fairly new and has not been used by anyone other than me. So you may stumble into bugs or missing features along the way. Also, one important item to note is that the site currently is not connected to the Android Behavior Status app. So anything you do in the site will not sync. In addition, I’m still working on a new way to Export data and Charting on the web. Otherwise the site is ready to go.


Here is the link to the site …

To get started, just register for an account, which is free. I don’t have any restrictions on the site, so if you do have a friend you would like to have try it out, feel free. Just keep in mind there may be a few bugs. BTW, did I mention the site is free.
Have Fun and please let me know if you run into any issues.


Chris L. Bennett

New Features on the way …

Its been a while since the last update, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have not forgot about Behavior Status.  In fact I have quite a few changes on the horizon.  Here is a list of some of the new changes on the horizon …


  • Behavior Status Online!  Yes, that’s right an web version of Behavior Status.  Initially the online version will be released in beta to a few volunteers.  The online version will include the same capabilities as the Android app.
  • Support for Android 3.x and 4.x Tablets.  At present, I have a version of Behavior Status in the works which will take advantage of Android Tablets with an improved UI.
  • One more thing …. The Android App will have the ability to sync to the online version.  Which will allow you better access to your information.

There is still quite a bit of work to be done, but I’ll release it as soon as its available.  BTW, if you would like to volunteer to test the online version and/or the tablet version, please comment below.

The Future of Behavior Status

My Daughter (Gracie)

Behavior Status to this point has been driven 100% by user requests and I want to continue to build the app users want.  However, once I started to receive feedback from users, it became apparent that the vast majority of you are either Parents and/or teachers, many with special needs children.  All of whom care a great deal about childhood behavior.


As a parent of a child with cancer, I felt a connection to the users of this app.  So, I began spending more and more time improving the app to make it more useful and add as many of the features requested I could.  Thus far, I’ve added nearly all of them.  A few of them are still out there; however, each one can be extremely time consuming to implement such as an web version of the app.  As I want to provide the most value to the users for my time, I would like to ask you to fill out a brief survey so I can get somewhat of a consensus of features you would like.  IF you have time, please take a few minutes and answer the survey by clicking on the link below.

Future of Behavior Status Survey

Thank You
Chris L. Bennett

Behavior Status 3.2 – Home Screen Widgets

After Many requests by various users, Behavior Status now includes a Launcher Widget.  Launcher Widgets allow you to put a shortcut on your home screen/launcher to allow you to easily jump to a specific child.  In addition, the short cut provides a quick view of the current status for the child.  The widget is fairly simple as shown below:



Child Link Widget


You can add widgets to your home screen by long-clicking on the home screen, then choose widgets and finally Behavior Status from the list.  Next, you will see the widget configuration screen, shown below, which allows you to choose the child you wish to use for this widget.

Widget Configuration Screen

After clicking save, you will be returned to the home screen with the new widget added.  Then by tapping on the widget you can easily jump to that child’s info.  In addition, this update also includes a few minor tweaks …  Oh and I cannot forget 3 new languages: Japanese, Italian and Chinese.

Behavior Status 3.1.0

The latest version of Behavior Status 3.1 took me a lot longer than I had planned, due to a couple technical challenges I ran into.  The first main problem was coming up with an initial list of stats which could both be export and displayed as a graph.  Nonetheless, it is now available with the following list of new features:

  • Statistics and Graphing
    See Below
  • 24 hour time display
    Added to better support time Internationalization
  • Sort Problem children to the top
    Mainly useful for teachers to make it easier to get to record the status for those problem children …

Statistics and Graphing

This feature has been requested over and over as I could not count the number of emails I have requesting this feature.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of ground work that needed to be laid first.  To access this feature you first will need to update to the latest version of code and have the Behavior Status Donate version installed as well.  Once you launch the app you should notice a new graph icon on the right side list of children.


New Home Screen


Clicking on this icon will then send you to the new screen for choosing stats parameters as shown below.


Stats Selection

As you can see you can provide a Date Range for filtering as well as choose between two different types of stats.  The data produced for these two stats can either be displayed as a graph or exported as a CSV file for further analysis.  A Next button is displayed at the bottom but just off screen.  If the child you selected uses Specific Behavior tracking then you will be sent to a new screen to allow you to choose which behaviors to include in the stats as shown below.  This is particularly useful for those trying to find correlations between one or more behaviors

Specific Behavior Selection

If you choose to perform the export at this point you will see a generating dialog as well as a complete message.  Otherwise the selected graph will appear as the following examples show the two different types currently available …   Anyways, I hope you enjoy this release and find it useful.  And as always, please keep the feedback coming in.

Group By Status and Week

Group by Status and Behavior







Behavior Status 3.0.1 is Out

Jenny McCarthy at WWE

Image by Kenya Allmond via Flickr

A couple days ago, I released a new version of Behavior Status, Version 3.0.1 with the following new features.


Specific Behavior Tracking

Specific Behavior tracking came out of a conversation I had with a parent of an Autistic child.  The parent was affiliated with the Jenny McCarthy‘s  Generation Rescue program. After talking to the parent from the east coast for an hour, we came up with several additions to app.  The new features were geared primarily at those who are trying to rescue a child with autism.  And thus Specific Behavior tracking was born.  Essentially what it allows you to is not only track the overall behavior as it did before, but you can now list behaviors you want to track.  The list of specific behaviors are per child, thus each child can have their own list.  As you may need to track different behaviors for different children.  In addition, you can enable this feature on a per child basis, making it easy to only use this feature for the children you need too.


Other Updates in this Version

  • Major Performance Improvement on the Home screen for users who have lots of child in the app
  • New Calendar Preference to make it easier to see which days have data and which do not.
  • A few minor bug fixes

While I do have an overall vision for where this app can go, new features are largely driven by requests from users, parents, teachers, etc.  Be sure to keep the feedback coming!


Introducing Behavior Status 2.0

Behavior Status 2.0 was just released to the store yesterday April 3rd 2011.  In this version the following new features have been added:

  • Alternate Status Entry Mode which allows for 3, 4 or 5 color choices for behavior.  This mode is enabled through the preferences and uses color bars to denote behavior instead of the stoplight.  In the 3 color choices you have the same Red, Yellow and Red Options.  The 4 color mode adds Orange as an option between Yellow and Red and 5 colors adds Blue which is used to denote Excellent behavior.
  • Under Preferences you can now change the text displayed within the color bars in the Alternate Status Entry Mode.
  • Display QR Code to make it easier to share the app with Friends
  • Behavior Status Donation Link

Here are a couple screen shots for you to look at from this version ….

Market Links
Behavior Status (Free) Android App
Behavior Status Donate Android App